Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access free materials from BazanED?

BazanED is a free resource for K-12 educators living and working in the U.S. You will need your school email address to register for an account.


How do I create an account so I can order products from BazanED?

To create your account, click the “Register Now” link on the home page and fill out the simple registration form. You will be asked to select the name of the school where you teach from a drop-down menu and register with your school email address. Once your account has been validated—usually just a few seconds—you will be able to place your order.


I tried to register but my school was not listed in the drop-down menu. What now?

If your school is not listed in our drop-down menu during registration, simply click the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the home page. Please send us an email with all pertinent information including the name of your school, the complete address including the city, state, zip code, and telephone number, the name and email of your school Principal and your full name, title and school email address. We will respond as quickly as possible to validate the school. All validated schools will be added to our system. We will notify you as soon as we validate your school and automatically register you for the site. If a school cannot be validated, we will notify you we are unable to create an account for you at this time.


Can I browse the BazanED site without having an account?

Yes. Anyone can browse the website without an account. But, you must have an account to order any item.


What happens after I place an order through BazanED?

Once you place an order with BazanED, we will process your order and immediately provide a confirmation number. All ordered items will appear in your user profile. If you order an item that is downloadable, a dedicated link for your ordered items will appear in your user profile. If you ordered a physical item, it will be processed and shipped to your attention to your school.


How can I manage the items that I have ordered through BazanED?

Upon registration, your individual user profile will be created. Through this profile, you will be able to make changes to your account, view all items ordered through BazanED, check the status of orders shipped, access links to downloadable items ordered and more. All items ordered will remain a part of your user profile history.


Can I have my order sent to my home address?

No. Orders are automatically sent to your school address. This cannot be altered.  Downloads automatically appear in your user profile.


I ordered a product from BazanED but haven’t received it yet. How can I find out the status or my order?

Have you received an email stating that your product has shipped? If so, please use the provided shipping company link to track your package’s progress. If not, please access your account's user profile to view the status of all your pending orders.


What if I receive a damaged or defective product?

If you receive a defective product, you may return it and get a replacement while supplies last. Please note that BazanED receives a limited number of copies of each product, so we cannot guarantee a replacement copy will be available. You must return the defective product to receive a replacement. Click Shipping and Returns at the bottom of the home page and follow the instructions if you wish to return a defective product.


What do I do if the link to download my order doesn’t work?

If the link to download any item does not work, please contact us right away so we can repair the problem and issue you a valid link.


Another teacher at my school wants to use one of the products I ordered from BazanED in their classroom. Can I share it with them? Can I make a copy for them?

All content distributed by BazanED is copyrighted and is provided through the generosity of our partners. While you may share the original DVDs or other materials you receive from BazanED with other teachers, it is a violation of copyright law for you or anyone else to make or distribute copies. Please refer to our Terms of Use.


Does BazanED offer its educational materials to homeschool teachers?

BazanED products are currently available only to K-12 teachers affiliated with public or private schools. However, we plan to make our products available to homeschoolers in the future.


Can I submit teaching materials to be shared by other educators?

Sorry, no, BazanED is not a curriculum-sharing site.


Why did I receive a survey about my experience with BazanED?

In order to provide you with better products and services and keep our content partners informed about how their products are being received, we distribute surveys to our users. Please help by providing your valuable feedback and completing any surveys you receive.


Why does BazanED attract Sponsors?

Many companies consider Education as one of their most important mandates for Corporate Social Responsibility. At BazanED, we provide a means for Sponsors to support that mandate by supporting teachers with free materials and promotional offers that help to provide the very best resources for you and your students.


Can I link BazanED through my social media platforms to share the site and product offers with other educators?

Absolutely! BazanED is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and we even have our own Youtube Channel! We are aggressively building our educator community and hope you will help us to do so. Like us, contribute and share!