Your brand can support K-12 education and connect with teachers, students and parents across the U.S. through BazanED.

Here’s how.

Become a BazanED sponsor and reach the growing nationwide network of teachers who rely on our catalogue of free movies, documentaries, curriculum guides and additional supporting materials to enliven their classroom presentations and enhance student learning.

In the process, your brand will:

  • Broaden brand awareness
  • Combine brand and product integration
  • Develop and increase brand loyalty
  • Synergize with existing brand education initiatives


Reach educators and students nationwide or target your sponsorship by limiting it to a specific geographic area, grade level—even type of academic program. Our seasoned team will work strategically to match your brand with the right educational product opportunity to support your mission and commitment to education and meet your overall needs.

To learn more about sponsorships and promotional opportunities, call (212) 643-4664 ext. 701 or email